A female name with beautiful, big brown eyes. She's very pretty with a great personality. She loves meeting new people. Mariam may be aggressive at times but that just happens when she's bothered or would like to be left alone to think or day-dream. She also may be random and make things awkward at times, but that doesn't matter. Her friends are very lovable and care for her dearly. If Mariam ever sees someone hurt, she'll always try to comfort them and make them happy. She always would like to visit new places and try out new food.
1. "Let's take Mariam out with us."

2. "Mariam's always so social and active!"
by -mary March 23, 2013
A funny encouraging person who knows best. A loyal and true friend. There when needed and there when not needed. The ingredient to a perfect life. A crazy Wack job that is perfect.
by Girlwhoknowsbest February 07, 2015
A new breed of turtle.
Person 1: Hey have you heard of Mariam?
Person 2: Yea, it's the awsome new turtle!
by theadorableturtlecreators June 22, 2010
A girl who thinks she's emo, but in reality is far from it. She's tall, awkward, and has nice legs and an awesome smile.
Who's that tall wannabe emo?
She's must be Mariam.
by NotEmo101 February 15, 2009
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