To have a mental breakdown and go crazy; to be hostile and throw items. Word originates from Mariah Carey's mental breakdown that was a result from her film flop "Glitter"
"Boy, don't make me go Mariah on your ass!"
by Luis H March 17, 2006
Mariah is a very intelligent, loving, caring, passionate,at times an introvert, and at other times very outgoing. Mariah is very creative, whether it be in drawing, writing, graphic designing, or singing. Oh and can be very bi-polar at times. Often an Aries. Hands are like lethal weapons when you get on their bad side. Very independent.
Hi i'm a Mariah. No seriously my name is Mariah and all of those things up there ^ decribe me.
by MariahBrown419 October 19, 2011
The most beautiful girl I have set my eyes on. Funny, Cute, Smart, Sweet and overall amazing and a hell of a kisser! She Completes the me. There Isn't a moment of the day where I'm not thinking of her and I don't want to see a moment when I'm not with her.
Mariah Garrido-Ramirez, Will you go out with me? :)
by ODxDriftGhostxx November 06, 2011
Mariah: The hottest most amazing girl in the world. Guys try to be with her and it annoys the fuck out of her. She will only be with ONE guy and he has to be pretty DAMN special.

She gives the best pleasure in the world!!! Everybody wants to be here. For real.

She is also the best singer in the world. The end.
Fuck. There's that Mariah girl again. Smell her as she walks by in the hall.
by smoresaregood! February 28, 2009
A girl who's incredibly amazing, a girl who is nothing without love & happiness... Only
Two words to fully desribe her,Beautiful & perfect.
If I had a chance to date Mariah, I would be the the happiest person alive.
by Xpbrian16 March 01, 2015
A very beautiful person. Everyone loves her, because she is so sexy. A gypsy.
Billy: I love Mariah, she's so nice.

Jacob: I know, everyone does.
by Phillys June 25, 2011
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