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A beautiful little blonde headed girl with a big yet nice donk. Although she has her occasional blonde moments she is really smart and makes most people feel dumb. (Me included). She has a great personality and is an amazing girl. She is great at soccer, and dancing as well as just being flat out amazing. She has occasional fights with her beagle as well. She also has the most gorgeous blue eyes which will totally blow you away. Theres no one else like Mariah.
Bro, check out Mariah's donk!
by RincognitoR June 16, 2011
1. Mariah Carey

2. understood first name of singer/songwriter/producer Mariah Carey

3. being a phenomenal singer
I really love Janet Jackson, but 2005 was all about Mariah.

"Omg! Did you hear that little girl sing? She's gonna grow up and be the next Mariah!"
by Jer March 31, 2006