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The characteristic crying sound of a cat whom is asking for food.
Cat: "Margle."
John: "Oh, you are hungry?"
Cat: "Margle."

John feeds cat.
by margle October 06, 2009
10 1
A vocalization style combining mumbling and gargling. Commonly utilized by American teens (particularly males). Also exhibited by intoxicated individuals of any age. Often displayed at Taco Bell drive thrus and Waffle House.
I can't understand what you are saying when you margle like that!

She's clearly drunk-she's margling with that douche bag over there.
by snuggit85 May 29, 2010
1 1
An idea or thought represented as how it would look and sound; when tired and not planning to move but it is absolutely necessary.
Margles... I need to hit that
by Jayn0svcr March 21, 2005
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