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A name derived from Hebrew. A Margalit is a girl who is slightly nuts, kind of eclectic and a free spirit, but she's very fun to party with and is usually in between Emo and Hippie. Usually a Margalit is somewhat of a spaz. She's nerdy, but she's quite attractive appearance-wise, with thick hair, long eyelashes, and an hourglass figure. A Margalit loves all kinds of music and animals, is good at drawing and math, and can rip a huge fart. She cares a lot about other people, but she gets what she wants because she's got a fiery temper and everyone thinks she's cute.
Bob: Did you see that chick over there? She's such a Margalit.
Arnold: She's crazy. And a spaz.
Bob: So what? I love nerdy chicks. Especially with hair like that. And man, check out those Margos!
by Pearl the Gecko Girl January 19, 2012
The best type of banana-specially from Abbalit Town. Also an awesome type of friend who obsesses over things and is VERY funny and laughs all the time.
Jo: Hey, I'm gonna go buy a margalit from the store!"
Maggie: Yeah, cool. I love those bananas. My best friend is a margalit. She is so fun!
by jojobananasplit February 23, 2011
A extremily horrific protrusion of gas.
Person 1- "Wow! Do you smell that margalit?"
Person 2- "Yea. It burned my nostrils."
by Raphael M. November 06, 2007
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