Two-tone perfection... Or FSP
Depends on context
Hey bro!!! Did you see that guy whip out his Marcus in the hotel room last night???

by Drummerdude1492 January 31, 2009
Marcus:is a loving,caring,sweet,athletic,hot and many more awesome things. They make you to be the happiest girl in the world. Any girl is lucky to have a Marcus.They might be "popular" and don't think you might have any in common with, but truly you probably do, if you get to know them. Marcus can be really helpful and caring if you are feeling down and need someone talk to they can cheer you up just by one text of by the word "hey".
Gabby:Hey who's that guy you were just with?
Natalie:Oh that's just my boyfriend, he's athletic,sweet loving and caring guy.
Gabby:He must be a Marcus.
by marcuslover June 19, 2013
Marcus is a boy who loves call of duty. He is Hilarious and likes to bob his head along to his music no matter how stupid he looks.he has brown curly hair and brown eyes with black wide rimmed glasses. Not too popular. Hangs out with the videogamer nerds. He is AWESOME.Sings aloud sometimes and does ridiculously hilarious impressions making fun of people like eminem
Hanna: i dont care what you think i think Marcus is cute and awesome.
Johanna: you would like him your a complete nerd just like a marcus
by Tibby Laraine November 21, 2013
Usually known as weed or pot. Marijuanaa's new name to keep it on the down low.
You got busted for seein' marcus?
That sucks! I'd love to meet him tomorow behind the store.
by Smokin it November 28, 2009
My best friend since 2004
Marcus wore a garbage bag as a skirt
by cookie kwan August 30, 2008
A diva. Plain and simple
Nigga your acting like a Marcus
by Roast beef August 05, 2013
the guy every man falls for and will never fancy a women on top of him. He is always fat as.
Girl: hahha look at that butters marcus over there!
by Lol Marcus February 15, 2014

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