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Noun. Marcio, a name that are only given to gods, usually attractive beyond belief, they tend to walk with uncontrollable swagger. They are almost always in-front of a camera, working to the best of there ability, though they don't have to try hard to get an irresistible picture. people with this name are almost always envied by all acquaintances, because even jesus is jealous that a Marcio has gotten to be this uncontrollably attractive. the only thing more attractive than a Marcio, is a Marcio with the last name that begins with a Z, Especially when last name is Zavala pronounced Zuh-Vuh-Lah.
Girl 1:"God Damn, that guy is hella fine, he must be a Marcio!"
Girl 2:"Not only a Marcio, But a Marcio Zavala!"
by Speakingsometruth November 12, 2010