1. The one thing that can both give you a life, and totally take it away at the same time.
2. Where "one more time" actually means 57439204 more times.
3. The most accomplished, but least appreciated team in the whole school.
4. The only time it's legal for an elder to demand a group of kids to "finger correctly" and "blow harder".
5. When EVERYTHING is a sexual referance.
6. When your closest friends and boyfriend/girlfriend are in the band. And ONLY in the band.
7. The only place it's possible to be singing "The Wheels on the Bus" during a trip while a couple is doing inappropriate things under a blanket in the best seats.
8. When you can fall asleep even with the drumline hacking on the back of your headrest.
9. When you spend more time in the band room than in your own home, or anywhere else for that matter. In fact, you just go down there to hang out and get passes out of classes to "practice for districts."
10. The best thing anyone could possibly be a part of in the world. Period.
1. non-band person - "Can you do anything tonight?"
band person - "No.. I have band practice.. YAY!"
2. band director - "Alright let's reset that one more, guys!"
(many times later..)
"Alright guys, I mean it this time."
(more times later..)
"Okay seriously, we've got it for real this time.."
3. *school announcements*
"Last night our football team lost a game 0-693465. Good effort, team! We know you'll get them next week! Spanish Club is to meet in room 203 after school tonight. Oh, and not to mention our band had some kinda thing goin' on last night and won something or something.. Also, I have a hangnail.."
4. band director- "Alright everyone, I need you to really get those fingers moving and I need you to blow plenty hard!"
5. band director- "Stop messing around and get that thing in your mouth!"
band kids - *snicker, snicker*
6. band kid - "My bestfriends, boyfriend and I are all gonna go to Bobby's house tonight and watch last year's DCI Finals DVD! I can't wait!"
7. band kid - "I heard Suzy and Tommy were getting it on in the back of the bus while we were singing band songs."
8. drummer - *hackhackhackhackhackhack*
band kid - *undisturbed sleeping*
9. band kid - "Hey Mr. So&So, can I get a pass to go practice for districts?"
Mr So&So - "Sure Billy! Golly gee, you band kids are so responsible!"
(in the band room)
10. band kids - "Marching band is AWESOME!"
by ohappyday September 13, 2009
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Where were you Friday night?
At a football game, marching at halftime.
What about Saturday?
Marching Contest.
Practicing for Region Band.
Monday after school? Tuesday? Every other day of the school week?
Marching practice. Come on, you think I have another life or something?
by snaregirl August 21, 2003
1. A cult of the top students in the school, playing as one, moving as one, becoming one.

2. The greatest thing I've ever experienced.
Marching kids hate MB during practice, love MB during competitions, and miss MB when its over.
by Naked Ken March 14, 2004
1)The greatest extracurricular you can ever join. It's so kickass, and we work so much harder than the damn football team

2)The activity that consumes your summer.

3)Where all the hot guys are.
I have a marching band competition on Saturday. We're going to kick North Penn's ass.
by Christina October 05, 2003
1. My whole entire life.
2. The class I live for.
3. The after-school activity you actually enjoy.
4. What you look forward to all year long, and you even love marching in the mud, the rain, and the blazing hot sun at band camp.
5. It taught me to appreciate the dirty things in life.
6. The late night bus rides where you play games, sing cheesy songs, and make out with your bus buddy (hey it's dark, and ALMOST no one can see).
7. Getting naked in front of everyone and loving it.
8. Your real family, that you love and also want to do things with.
9. It takes up all your free time and you love it.
10. Something to actually be proud of, since we work harder than the football team, probably win more awards, and we have more fun. Plus, it's one of the only sports that has boys and girls. You can never go wrong with that.
11. The feeling of belonging to something.
At one band competition, we got to the school at 2 A.M. and got back at 4 in the morning the next day. I was tired, my feet hurt and I had five shots in my coffee just to stay awake. And for that 24 hours my home was the white tent where we changed, my family was the band and all my friends, and heaven was those styrofoam cups of burning hot chocolate and out sock feet stepping in rain puddles while we frantically changed into marching uniforms. It's the amazing feeling you get when you finish the last note of your marching show, and the sound resonates all around the stadium, and you snap back to attention trying so hard not to smile because you're so happy.
by twily-whirly-marching-girly May 03, 2005
1. a group of amazing hilarious (yet perverted) people who can march in step, following a drill chart, while either playing music or spinning a flag/rifle/sabre
2. people playing music in the stands at a football game or dancing to it
3.the hardest workers in the world
4. a group including brass, percussion, woodwinds, and colorguard.
5. my life
6 synonym:awesomeness
1. The marching band is hot!!!
2. the colorguard shimmied to wipe out, so the drummers were distracted.
3 those damn saturday 7 hour practices.
4. woodwinds are bad marchers, and percussion doesn't even dare to try
5 i have band practice 7 days a week.
by dani December 18, 2004
1. My life
2. The best thing ever.
3. One of the hardest sports that is often overlooked.
4. Where you learn to march, play music better(while you march), spin flags, rifles or sabres(if you do color guard), and work together to perform a great show.
5. One large family with lots of incest. Made up of the band, the drum majors, the band director, the colorguard and the, usually very hot, drumline.
6. In marching band you usually participate in the following: competitions, halfime performances, practices, 3 hour bus rides, and parades.
7. Your excuse for not doing homework.
8. Where you also learn leadership, how to work with others, how to have fun, and how to work hard, even if your sick and feel like your going to faint.
9. Your salvation after dealing with all of your other classes every day.
10. Going to band camp.
11. The best thing I ever joined.
"Thinking the show will never work. And then, finally, it comes all together and you have achieved perfection , drumming your hands off and playing your brains out and tossing higher than the sky. A slice of time in a stadium when everyone cheers and your mom cries and pictures get taken and once, just once, you have the world in your hands. And the band marches out of the stadium and down the street, always together whether it's success or not, and you know by the feeling in your hear it doesn't get any better than this. And you know if your director asked you to turn around and "do it just one more time a little better" you would"

I love that quote(or whatever) and that's exactly how you feel in marching band. Anyone who doesn't like marching has never done it.
by colorguardgirl3 January 05, 2005
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