A beautiful, hot, and ultimatly perfect girl who will allways have some insecurities. The best way to her heart is by attention compliments and being romantic. Women with the name Marcelle are obsessed with music and often are amazing dancers, they normally can sing great too but prefer no to be heard. They love being surrounded by friends especially guys and will be the most fun girl you could ever date. If your dating a Marcelle you must be a pretty special guy. Never forget about her because she hates feeling ignored or rejected.
Friend- Your dating Marcelle!?
Guy- yea why?
Friend-She's someone special, never let go of her
by iamrightaboutevertything October 25, 2011
Top Definition
a beautiful, caring, nurturing, strong woman who loves to laugh and likes cheese. She is unique in so many ways and most find her quirks quite endearing.
I feel like something is missing in my life... i need a marcelle.
by lemonblush February 04, 2010
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