Goalie for the Pittsburgh Penguins.
One of the worst goaltenders to think he can make it in the NHL. Fleury doesn't realize how bad he actually is, because he is too stoned half the time, which makes it hard for him to block shots.
Marc Andre Fleury is a horrible goaltender, they should really put in Brent Johnson.
by Big A#1 March 25, 2011
Top Definition
One of the best goalies in the NHL. A nickname team members and coaches gave him is "Flower." He has won multiple awards and a Stanley Cup. He won the 2010-11 Penguins MVP in the absence of Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin, two other remarkable players. Anyone who hates on Flowers is crazy.
Steve: "Hey man, did you see the Penguins game last night?"
Peter: "Yeah dude, Marc-Andre Fleury won that game for them. He made 329 saves!!"
Steve: "He's the man!!"
by SidTheKid87Crosby April 18, 2011
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