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That's not actually correct, JB. (I do love your upstate-bashing, though!) Originally Marble Hill was attached to Manhattan, but a canal was dug in the Harlem River which separated it from Manhattan and put it on the mainland. Though it has always been part of New York County, it is generally regarded as the Bronx. It looks like the Bronx, it feels like the Bronx, the address says Bronx, NY 10463, and the area code is 718.
When you're walking down Broadway, Kingsbridge (Bronx) becomes Marble Hill (Manhattan) after W 230th St, but there is no "Welcome to Manhattan" sign.
by YO Man July 07, 2004
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Marble Hill is regarded as Kingsbridge. Area code 10463 and runs down broadway. Very industrial with the new Target on 225th street, it is becoming more violent
Sup fool we from da bronx, kingsbridge
by Deve February 25, 2005
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This tiny little neighborhood called is governed by two boroughs. One physically, and in the eyes of an average New Yorker. Is part of the Bronx NY and the other is legally part Manhattan. But nobody since 1984 wants consider MH theirs.
Marble Hill is confusing, many people love and claim the bronx. Why manhattan needs to claim the neighborhood of Marble Hill.
by niners24 June 11, 2015
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