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Northern Borough of New York City. My home. Jennifer Lopez discraces The Bonx.
Kingsbridge Heights forever
"We from The Bronx, New York Shit happens."-Terror Squad
by Deve February 25, 2005
A young woman/chicken who sells their sexual relationships to horny men.
Tart, Slut, Tramp, Hooker, J-Lo
by Deve February 25, 2005
A young woman/A young homosexual
"I do know one thing though, chickens they come they go."-Clean "Superman" by Eminem
by Deve February 25, 2005
Marble Hill is regarded as Kingsbridge. Area code 10463 and runs down broadway. Very industrial with the new Target on 225th street, it is becoming more violent
Sup fool we from da bronx, kingsbridge
by Deve February 25, 2005
Neighborhood On the North Side of Ewen Park. Many drugs there. It's really just a giant housing development where poor retired people live. On the west side of riverdale it is very rich.
Yo I'm going to Riverdale to get that crack.
by Deve February 25, 2005
One who is cowardly are has a phobia
What you wont jack that asshole? You chickenshit!
by Deve February 25, 2005
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