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A beautiful girl. Usually loves the color red. She looks GORGEOUS with makeup on! She is the sweetest girl/lady you'll ever meet. She's a KEEPER!
Look at that girl over there! She's such a Marbella!
by alamole213 March 23, 2013
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Marbella is a beautiful girl that looks gorgeous with or without makeup. She is so athletic with a beautiful smile that can brighten someone's day.She is the sweetest girl that you'll ever meet. She's a KEEPER!
Marbella is so gorgeous!
by Hsiejene December 23, 2016
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sporting car which has a incredible power. it is very roomy it is practical to leave on holiday. the interior is luxurious and competes with mercedes. a good car which deserves to be known
matte c'est une marbella!! ah ce que j'aimerais en avoir une
by cyril February 12, 2005
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