A derogatory sound used to emasculate any blatant attempts to show off through anecdotes or other verbal communication. However, most people who do show off through long boring anecdotes fail to realise this mocking gesture, which allows the word to be used with impunity. For full effect it must be said in an exaggerated upper-class accent.
"... and after that we went to Harrods for tea and I tipped the waitress £30 and she gave me a wink and her number."
"Ooooh, marb."
by James C April 15, 2007
Top Definition
Short for a Marlboro Cigarette. Very common slang.
You want to smoke a marb with me?
Hell, you know I would never pass up a FREE cig.
by Isar February 08, 2006
basically its poop. shit.etc..

you can say marb as a secret code name when you don't want people to know you have to use the bathroom.
"OMG Charly I have to marb really bad"

"Tiara please! That marb was terrible!"

"Do you have to marb?"
by Tee-vic, Charly February 24, 2010
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