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A really interesting group of Chileans who can't get over their pride. They tend to be a comedic and kind group of people none-the-less, despite their SLIGHT cockiness.

BEWARE: mess with one of these and u mess with them all, few can handle problems on their own. Also, the males tend to be players (because of their superiority and such) and females are generally good people. Maraboli-ness is contagious. If u marry, date, love or expose yourself to one, most likely u'll start exuding their traits.
To know a Maraboli is a pleasure and your probably not such a bad person if they like you back.
Bob: don't worry Patrick, if you don't win this race its ok.
Patrick: I will.
Bob: how do you know?
Patrick: Cuz i'm a Maraboli!
by Chef chubbeh wubbeh November 30, 2010
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