n. Slang for marijuana
Ryan: How about, "I have an allergy to alcohol, so i brought a pound of marmar"
Dominik: They will accept if they’ve done a hefty amount of pre drinking
Jackson: Just looked up marmar, its undefined. I will be the first
Dominik: I assumed you mean't weed
by Ryan Jackson October 06, 2005
Top Definition
Anything that is deep brown which is usually caused by fake tanning, or has a boy like frame.
what is that thing it looks marmar.
is that a boy or a girl i cant tell because it has a marmar shape.
by barry the photographer November 06, 2006
An otaku's nickname for the final boss of Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories and No 11. in Organization XIII.
Luxord: I swear, No. 14 is only second to my excessive amount of piercings.
Larxene: She also has my feminine charm.
Xaldin: She better not have some really obscure element like Zexion's illusion.
Zexion: Hey at least it's not as gay as Mar Mar and his flowers.
Marluxia: Don't Fucking Call Me Mar Mar!
by DoodooMan October 30, 2007
Someone beautiful and selfless. A nickname for someone that resembles many things. Someone smart and quirky. Someone weird and loving.
She's MarMar.
by Banana Bus October 17, 2015
a deep sea fish that lives in the tropics of zimbabwe.
"Dude, that mar mar thinks shes a mermaid!"
by ashkon January 15, 2007
Basically, mar mar is used to describe someone who is having a bit of a strop or being mardy about something.
Jack didn't get his own way so he had a mar mar.
by le char September 15, 2013
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