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Maputo is not only the capital of Mozambique , it is the Latin capital of Africa. It is a cosmopolitan city where you can enjoy fresh seafood, taste the local beers, visit the postcard perfect beaches and generally have a blast. Go to the old train station which was designed by Eiffel (yes, the same dude who designed that iron tower in Paris) as well as the Iron House. Walking through the city, you will also see that it is dominated by Parisian style boulevards and incalculable Mediterranean lanes. At the renowned Mercado do Peixe (fish market), you can pick fish which was just caught and see it being cooked in front of you and for the latest accessories, the Mercado do Pau is a must (think accessorise but much much better).
I went to Maputo on holiday and had a blast.
by costadosol December 04, 2010
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