The best team of any sport! They pwn the NHL, and all of j00! They have the best players and goalie, they WILL win the cup, i promise u!
"The Leafs r the best, the cup is waiting for them. GO LEAFS GO!!"
a pot leaf in disguise, it has managed to evade the narc officers for decades. brilliant
can be made into a joint
by Kat WHEEEE!! June 25, 2004
One of the most hated teams in the NHL...if not in all sports. This hatred is spawned by jealousy only because the Toronto Maple Leafs, in fact are very well skilled and probably have the best team in the NHL to date! They continue to build their team, slowly but surely, and I guaruntee, they'll win the cup race!
"The Maple Leafs are going all the way boys!"
by Anonymous March 17, 2003
what can i say besides they're the BEST team in the nhl?
Maple Leafs kick some serious ass
by lil cujo May 23, 2003
first of all buddy, learn to spell CANADIAN, second of all this team knows how to kick every teams ass in the NHL thats why all the stars want to come here, because they'll be with a kick ass team and have tonnes of LOYAL fans
Maple Leafs rock my socks!
by bananas232325 October 14, 2005
By far the stupidest team of all professional sports. Led by the biggest pussy, Mats Sundin, who has more gaps in his teeth than a picket fence and uses Gary Roberts penis as a toothpick. Alexander Mogilny looks on in jealousy. Their idiotic fans have been waiting 38 years for a Stanley Cup now. Meanwhile, Ottawa is slowly gaining more and more fans. CBC also rides on the Leafs' cock by showing their games, even on the west coast where people hate Ontario with a passion. Darcy Tucker is a jailhouse bitch.
The Maple Leafs traded Russ Courtnall for John Kordic. What a great deal!

The Maple Leafs like to trade their young prospects for broken old men.
by jd January 05, 2005
The only things those dumbass brain-dead Canidans care about
"With all their hockey hullabaloo, and that bitch Anne Murray too!"
by IMTRc_Trans_Am October 18, 2004
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