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Mapalm is a mixture of maple syrup and napalm. Mapalm is thought by many to be a secret weapon of the Canadian army. It is intensly fearned, as it will both burn you, and carmalize your wounds.
John: Sir, the 3rd batallion was just struck by a Canadian airstrike.
Mike: Thats horrible, but why do all of their bodys smell like a pancake breakfast?
John: The dropped mapalm sir.
Mike: mother of God...
by Quinn Levandoski February 12, 2008
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Any brown "pancake syrup" that isn't actually maple syrup; usually corn syrup dyed brown. Usually amazingly flammable, and almost inevitably discovered by Boy Scouts eating on the cheap.
"Well, it's sickly sweet, but doesn't really taste like maple at all." "I'm going to put some on the fire." "Doesn't smell like burning maple, either." "But it burns really well, like napalm." "It's mapalm."
by Baloo Uriza February 18, 2015

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