Comes from roflmao, an acronym for "roll around on the floor laughing my ass off"
Therefaore mao is defined as "My ass off".
However it can used for just about everything.
omg, lol mao! sifnt you tool!
by Alasdair Edwards August 01, 2004
What chocolate kittes say.
"Mao!" said the chocolate kitty.
by BirdofPray March 11, 2005
a word computer geeks use to describe something they find fun or silly.
geek #1: Man last night at the lan party was killer!

geek #2: MAO!
by CashCar August 12, 2003
often used in substitution of: dude, man, guy, person.. etc.
whats up mao?
by asherah July 27, 2003
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