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v. To cockblock someone. This technique is commonly employed by males and females alike, and victims tend to more often be friends than enemies of whoever is Manute Bol for the night. Technique varies widely, as do motives, though Manuting most commonly occurs out of competition (usually in males) or protection (usually females). Manute holds records for blocking shots, and if you're not careful, he'll block you too!
Pat Manute Boled me by hitting on the same breezy I was talking to.

Pat was Manuted by the girl's overly concerned friend.
by Manute Bol January 04, 2008
1. basketball player who blocked the most shots per minute ever

2. in foosball when 7 sequential, defensive blocks occur (fooses) between two adjacent opposing lines of players
foose, foose, foose, foose, foose, foose, manute bol. bitch!
by the dudeness December 05, 2006
7 sequential, defensive blocks (fooses) in foosball between two adjacent opposing lines of players.
foos, foos, foos, foos, foos, foos, MANUTE BOL!!!!!!!!
by the dudeness November 29, 2006
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