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The Manual Sanchez is a prank created with the computer geek in mind. It consists of coming up behind someone concentrating on the screen, scratching your own butt crack and wiping it on his/her upper lip hence creating a stink mustache that he will have to carry around for a while. Usually reserved for the closest friends or the worst enemies.
I just wiped my shitty finger under Ramy's nose...we'll call this one the Manual Sanchez!
by Reeeeno! September 11, 2006
The definition is the same as a Dirty Sanchez; however the act is performed by hand.
Gross!! it looks like you gave her a Dirty Sanchez!!
Oh no. I didn't want to get my peter all sticky, so I gave her a Manual Sanchez instead.
by Sparky322 January 05, 2015

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