noun. a group of men that gathers around an attractive woman.
Sheila entered the club surrounded by her handsome man-tourage.
by TomAroundTheWorld February 06, 2007
Top Definition
Like an entourage except made completely of Men. Usually would use defininition when refering to a woman.
My friend Becca always has a Mantourage with her.
by XjXxx August 08, 2005
Used in reference to a girl rollin' in with her platonic crew of dudes, often her boyfriend's cool friends.

Not to be confused with "wet spot." The idea of a sexual relationships within the mantourage usually grosses everyone out, and the girl in question must be a nonslut.

Also not to be confused with "douchehag." The guys in the mantourage are of at least acceptable quality.
Becca must be one down-ass chick... she just rolled in with her mantourage.
by Becca C September 08, 2006
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