To climb. This is rather an archaic use of the word, revived recently by the popular Thief series of computer games because of the unique abilities of the protagonist, Garrett.
Mantle up to the window ledge, wait behind the door and hit the guard with your blackjack when he enters.
by Axel Nanol October 24, 2003
Top Definition
a layer of red hot slush puppy underneath the earths crust.
ah, look at the pyroclastic flow and the beautiful slush puppy running over our house
by tom June 07, 2003
Opposite of dismantle. To put something together.
can you help me mantle this ikea table
by clementine October 15, 2012
Mantle is a Geek who lives in extreme danger to get crushed by a red Porsche Turbo when not completing his programming tasks.

Also a oldschool quakeworld gamer.
Person at a garage, towards mechanic: Damn, i've got Mantle all over my Windshield. Go clean it, dumbass!
by bob April 27, 2004
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