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The derogatory term for the man in a womans life that she can't seem to get rid of even though he is slowly choking the life out of her
1. He is my manthrax, I just can't seem to leave
by Sick of Johnnys October 08, 2007
derrogatory slang for semen.
Wait a minute... this isn't anthrax, it's MANTHRAX :O*********
by Nobuyuki September 18, 2004
A common modernised nickname for Manflu
Where is Dave today?
He's at home, manthrax!
by Psyduckzilla January 12, 2012
The catenation of man and anthrax.
From a homo-erotic bodybuilder fantasy video, to a slang term used by women to describe unsuitable men or the bodily fluids thereof, This historic moniker has survived the test of time.
Manthrax Rules!
Manthrax says: Bros before Hos!!Manthrax, anthrax is his middle name!!
I am Manthrax and I am here to help you!
by Manthrax April 19, 2005