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referring to the character named Butters in South Park. The gang plays border wars or Texans vs. Meheecans (Mexicans). Butters is a Meheecan named Mantequilla. He becomes the reason why the Mexicans, illegal or not, leave the U.S.A. and head back to Mexico. Thus, the U.S.A. has no Mexicans to do the labor.
dude 1: bro, did you see what Mantequilla did?

dude 2: Oh i know bro. He is crazy! he is the revolution!
by last of the Meheecans February 29, 2012
A teacher that edcuates in the feild of journalism who's name is Mantequilla which means butter in Spanish.
"Manamanamanamana Butter!" is what a Mantequilla says.
by Shephanya January 07, 2008

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