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The douchebags that destroyed humanities respect for australians and wilderness shows.
Person A: Whens the new badass Steve Irwin animal raping show gonna air?

Person B: Havent you heard? Some douchebag manta ray killed him.

Person A: Oh... Whos gonna ass rape those alligators now?
by Too-much-work July 10, 2010
An object that swims through the air in someone's periph.
"It's a manta ray!"
"Look at dat manta ray!"
"This is the NEW manta ray!"
by Roger Joules March 27, 2008
To manta ray someone, you must catch them off guard, usually after somebody goats/bulldogs you....
You casually smile and say " you ever seen a mantaray"
and then with two hands grab the foreskin of your balls and fold them over your dick all the way up to your pant line or even belly button...

Note: few can actually pull of the manta ray. Very large balls are necessary
Andrew: dude, Mike passed out cold

Moses: I should teabag him and send it to his mom

Charles: ....or I could give him the manta ray
by TotallyTrippin99 September 07, 2010
the appearance of a manta ray's mouth in the vaginal region produced when a husky woman wears spandex or any other tight fitting lightweight material.
nice bike shorts tubby, it looks like your smuggling a manta ray
by Doug W. February 12, 2008
1.To hold your legs up in the air in the shape of a Manta Rays Wings.

2. A Drunken Mistake

3.Toilet Paper?

Manta Ray
by Coastboy March 12, 2009
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