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When a woman cannot find a date or hasn't had any relations or contact with men in a long time or her contact with men is always negative, awkward and uncomfortable causing her to stay sedentary in her home for months at a time, eating large quantities of food, gaining weight and then later hating herself.

A woman going through this phase is said to be manstipated.
"Susan, I'm so Manstipated, i haven't had a dick in this cooter for ages now"
#cooter #dick #constipation #men #old bitty
by twiggy eksfaur October 17, 2008
When a man awaits the rival of another person/persons with anger and frustration.

When a man sits still and will not leave your house only to make you frustrated and angry at the current situation.
"I have manstipated here for several hours waiting for you to come home to raise/shake my fist at you!"

"No...I will not leave your lovely house, I am manstipated!"
#men #man #constipated #menstruate #anger #hostle #stubborn
by Khazmachi August 25, 2009
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