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A male friend with whom another person spends large amounts of time. Describing someone as your "manpanion" does not imply that any sort of sexual activity takes place.

A man who is your companion.
Girl: You spend so much time with Frank, its like he's your boyfriend
Guy: Relax baby, we just enjoy playing video games. He's my manpanion.
by Rugger X August 23, 2007
A combination of the words "man" and "companions", this term is used to describe a straight but less romantic bromance. Also used to describe (straight) men who do things together. A comical connotation is recommended.
Girl 1: Did they go to the store together?
Girl 2: Yeah. They're manpanions.
by twinkletoes345 January 16, 2011
Two dudes who are extremely close friends, not necessarily a gay thing either. Can be used in a derogatory way as well.
Females will say: Why are you always hanging out with your manpanion instead of me?
by extremelyrude September 30, 2010
(n.) - The male companion of a woman friend
"Last December, my male companion (can I say manpanion?) took me to a
performance of the New York City Ballet's "The Nutcracker "as an early
Christmas gift. I had a great time, too!"

-- heard at a watercooler in Brooklyn on January 3, 2012
by PRwiz101 January 09, 2012
1. Someone, typically a man, with whom you share healthy man love.
2. Someone, typically a man, with whom you share a long-term, monogamous bromance.
John and his manpanion, Peter, went to Florida for a weekend mancation.
by JDWB November 08, 2012
Two male homosexual soul mates
Man + Companions = What is this gay world coming to?
Gay means happy and happy means gay, We're all gay so get a new manpanion!!
by kimmy booth June 07, 2005
1. a male companion; a term used to categorize a male friend with an abiguous characterization of sexual orientation.
2. a term used to describe a homosexual companion, while remaining free of commitment.
1. Tom has never been married. He loves to spend time with Dick more than anyone. They are great manpanions.
2. He's not looking for commitment. In stead, he has several manpanions.
by kabooom May 09, 2005
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