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1.a bag carried around by a male
2.a man purse
"Dude, put away your manny pack! It's freaking me out!"
by Sam and Emily January 25, 2008
Stomach fat on a male that sags below the waistline and into the genital region. Closely resembles a fanny pack. Often caused by the combination of beer and gravity.
"Check out the manny pack on that robust douche-bag!"
"Dont rip on him man, he's probably just a victim of beer and gravity."

*footnote: A manny pack may be prevented by consuming all beer in the form of keg stands.
by Gregzy September 05, 2007
Fanny Pack; usually worn by guys who carry enough stuff to warrant a man purse but who are not confident enough to carry one, so they opt for the Manny Pack.
Often found worn by dads at amusement parks.
"Hey Bob, what are you carrying in that Manny Pack of yours? Your testicles?"
by Laurie G October 02, 2006

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