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Deriving from the tag 'Manna for the mind' used to describe books and literature, 'Manna for the mindless' is a disparaging but accurate description of banal entertainment of any sort, particularly daytime television, long running soaps, stupid game shows, chat shows and so on. It consists of material that is so dumb it doesn't require 'dumbing down' and is no more than prdigested pap which can be understood by people with a below normal IQ. Before the advent of twenty-four seven television manna for the mindless was typified by the Hollywood musical of the 1950s. These consisting entirely of eminently forgettable songs joined together by crappy dialogue and a plot so thin you could shoot peas through it.
"Kim, d'you want to come out for a walk?"
"No, I've got to watch Jeremy Kyle!"
"Manna for the mindless!"
by Croatalin December 02, 2013
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