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Is a chilean caramelized milk, a way better version than the dulce de leche in other parts of latin america or spain and way much better than the shit the europeans use to replace it call Nutella. This spread is used in many desserts, candies, ice cream, jelly rolls, and pastries, and is most widely used as a spread on bread for an after-school snack.
"Weon, sabi q n l resto del mundo, nadie llama al manjar manjar y q n europa lo reemplazan con nutella?"

"En serio? Hediondos culiaos de mierda"


"Dude, did you know that outside of Chile nobody calls manjar the same way we call it and that in europe they replace it with nutella?"

"Really? Smelly fucked up shitty faces"
by Jrrou December 20, 2009
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