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Someone who acts as if they have a below average IQ (i.e. someone who has a mental retardation or acts as if they have one).
You are being such a Manion right now.
by Chesterfield Mcfistacuffs October 28, 2010
to pass out with an open beverage in your hand and proceed to spill it all over yourself.
Greg was really fucked up last night and pulled a manion.
by timmyj April 25, 2006
n. a man companion who you have not DTR'd as a boyfriend. Not to be confused with manpanion.
Andy: So are you going out with your boyfriend tonight?

Amy: He isn't my boyfriend. He is just my manion.
by Josie Hart September 03, 2008
1. A disgusting, vile creature capable and willing to perform sexual intercourse on any orifice small enough to provide friction for a notoriously small penis. Can be used as a verb or a noun.

2. An extreme case of acne. Individuals with Manion Acne are typically reviled by God and should be avoided; exposure to pus excreted from the acne of these individuals can cause syphilis, contamination of the soul, impotence, and blindness.

3. A foul smelling creature.
1. n. Wow, I can't believe that guy fucked a dead possum...I mean, really, what a manion!
v. Did you hear Billy's going to prison? Apparently he manioned his 8 year old sister.

2. Stay away from Mike, he's got bad case of manion.

3. Jesus, I bet you could smell that manion from outer space.
by Bobby the Bull January 02, 2008

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