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"man-ill-uh", same pronunciation, but opposed to manila envelope or manilla, a cheroot made in Manila, the Phillipines (

Derived from the substitution of "van" from the noun "vanilla" combined with the noun "man" referring to a male Homo sapiens sapiens.

The male seed required for human reproduction. This creamy off-white substance goes by the scientific name "spermatozoa", but more often than not by the American slang terms of "jizz", "come", "splooge", "man juice", "manicing" or "RPGs".
Example 1.)
Woman: "I need some vanilla extract."
Man: "Well, if you hang around for a bit, I could get you some 'manilla' extract"

Example 2.)
Doctor: "I'm going to need a sperm sample. Here, use this container."
Patient: "Do you think you could lend me a nurse to help out with the manilla extraction?"
by Greyson March 19, 2008
Means , my nigga . Instead of saying my nigga outloud and getting beaten up , manilla is the substitute . Can also be used against while people .
Uh, DISGUSTING. Seriously, look at that, manilla!
by JaeAyeEll January 27, 2010
How retards all around the world spell the word manila.
"it's called a manilla envelope"
"I think you mean manila"
by prowned June 29, 2012
Manilla: an envelope of above average size usually 8.5 X 11 inches, composed of recycled materials that are slightly yellow in color. Used as a greeting between two caucasian individuals. Can also be used as a greeting between two strangers at a party, where one individual thinks the other is a sexy bitch.
"whats up manilla" on the phone.
"whats up manilla, you looking fine tonight" at a social gathering.
by Matt Vitale December 20, 2004
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