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A scenario which begins with a male being roofied by a female. In order for such an event to become a full fledged Manhattan Rodeo, the female in question must then position the male in question upon his back and proceed to have sexual intercourse with him by riding his fully erect penis. The imagery of such an act evokes a twisted image of a cowboy attempting to stay upon an angry bull. Unfortunately, this opportunistic cowgirl is going to stay on until the drugs wear off. The event is complete only when the roofies wear off and the male is in full grasp of his actions.
A Note from the Author Concerning Origin: In 1892, a Texan named Travis Muttonchops journeyed to New York City in order to sell some cattle and bed a hooker or three. After his business transactions were complete he went to the bar in his hotel. A rather attractive hussy named Wendy Wannaride straddled up next to the Texan and offered to buy him a drink. Never the one to refuse whiskey, Travis agreed. The drink, of course, was roofied and before he knew his whiskey had been tampered with, Travis was being dragged back to his room. He woke up several hours later to Wendy riding his penis. Travis, in dismay, is reported to have inadvertently said, "What is this? A goddamn Manhattan Rodeo?"

Modern Example:
TODD- "Oh my God Mike...I think that chick from the bar last night roofied me and then had sex with me..."
DILLON- "Sounds like a classic Manhattan Rodeo to me there Todd...
by Some Things January 24, 2011
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