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A portmanteau of mangled and discombobulated, it can mean anything from the simple confusion of losing your keys, tripping over the dog and then pouring your coffee on your cereal, or ending up thinking you have 7 legs after a rave.
"Wow, Steve was sure mangulated last night, did you see him trying to have sex with that phone booth?"
by IAMTHECAKE September 05, 2012
Extremely and truly mangled
The lawn mower "Mangulated" Franks foot.
by Steeffaann August 16, 2007
Mangulated describes something that is horrible, possibly deformed and overall - naasty!!! It can be used by anyone and is mainly used to accentuate the word minging. Can also describe drunkness.
Uhhh, that shirt she's wearing is so mangulated!
Someone smells mangulated in here, like something has died!
Uhhh!!! He's totally mangulated!
by Kitsune Noir September 11, 2005
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