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Mangraffiti is a combination of two styles of art. The first and more used in the art of Mangraffiti is the "graffiti" style. This style, however, is not a set thing. There are many types of graffiti all around the world. Mangraffiti is just one of the types. The second style used in Mangraffiti is the Manga-art format. This style is also not limited to only one kind of art, there being many types of Manga in the world. Mangraffiti is just a combination of the two. Imagine a wall with graffiti on it, something you would consider as a common thing in most parts of, say, Oakland CA. Now, imagine a Manga you have heard of, such as Naruto, or Bleach. Then imagine the two styles of art TOGETHER! This is Mangraffiti! Now, seeing as both of the components have many styles and ways to create it, Mangraffiti also has many ways to create it. There are as many possibilities as there are graffiti styles and Manga styles.
(person A) Damn that's some badass graffiti!
(person B) Graffiti? That's manga art smart one!

(person A) Graffiti!
(person B) Manga!

(person A) Graffiti!
(person B) Manga!

(mediator) Look guys, it's both. That my friends, is Mangraffiti!
by DeJango July 11, 2011
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