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A male that holds a mouthful of milk in their mouth, places a straw down their pee pee hole, and blows the milk into the hole and into their bladder. Then the person can piss the white substance over anybody, anything, or back into a glass for re-consumption (a real party favorite).
I hired a mangonator for your mother's birthday party.
by nob May 11, 2004
This is a very rare specimen indeed. Rumoured to have only been sighted once in the Panania marshes, the Mangonator is believed to be the result of a manganaro that happens to go mango whilst suffering from MBD. A deadly combination indeed.
"Residents of Panania received a warning to lock their doors as a rabid Mangonator was said to be prowling the area"
by D.E March 18, 2004
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