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California grown strain of various fruity smelling pot. Very potent strain with a very good taste and smell. The smell is like being around Mango Trees. Very good high and looks amazing. Has mango colored hairs. VERY hard to come by unless you have a medical license and live in california!
Damn... my guy got some mango tango, i only had a bowl but i am so high.
by T y l e r February 28, 2008
to engage in flirty, playful behaviour, usually leading to sexual activity.
Guy: "How did last night end up?"
Friend: "We met for coffee but she was gagging for it so I took her back to mine for some mango tango"
by Jas.. June 13, 2008
A diamond stud in the tip of your penis for purposes of mating display, and to enhance the clitoral stimulation of (female) sexual partners.
She liked the glint of my mango tango, but she liked it much better when she couldn't see it, but could feel it.
by Little Gizza October 19, 2010
Wandering drubk out into a cow pasture in Montana and watching cows.
Hey, who is that over yonder doing the Mango Tango?
by Dag Mango April 22, 2013
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