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The term used for Big Bulky Bisexual (in denile) named Angela, which refers to 'her' phage. With Spacious Shoulders, Bulky Biceps and Quirky Quadraceps, this beast is one to be feared, generally by Horses or males with large penises for her known sport and MANLY features. As this exsquisite being roams the Suburban area, searching for means of sucking a/all massive HORSE COCK, she also tends to look for other means of lesbian scissoring with midde-aged women that workout at the GYM! Man + Angela + Vagina = MANGELAGINA!
Lucas: "Dude, haven't you heard? Mangelagina was seen in this area last night, at around 18:00 hours Sharp!"

Simon: "Yeah, so I've heard, isn't that Andrew's mom? I heard she looks for young boys to suck off! Makin' me all hot!"

Travis: "LOL! HEY LUCAS!"

Lucas: *Laughing "LEL! I KNOW!"

Andrew: "Can you guys seriously shut the Fuck up? If this is about my mom again, I swear to GAWD!"

Travis: *Whispers "Lucas.... HORSE COCK!"

Andrew: "That's IT! FUCK YOU GUYS!"
by I am a funny guy! October 14, 2013
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