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Cigar for a men not women so ladys stay in the kitchen and make me a sandwhich
I was playing poker and a woman pulled a mangar out i took that mangar from that hoe and told her to make me a sandwhich.
#cigar #men #smoking #joseph rainey #cameron romo
by Swaggarsouras Rex June 24, 2010
"Mangar" is a hybrid of man and cougar and is a term used to identify older males attracted to younger females. This geriatric breed are very territorial and often emit an ordour of prune juice and burnt cheese. They will often try to camouflage with their backgrounds by changing their skin colour to mango orange and bleach their teeth white. They tend to lure their preys with promises of money and "vacation getaways in the Caribbean" (retirement homes in Florida). Proceed with caution.
Mangar: "I have my own business and know how to show you a good time."

Girl #1: "Wow. How does someone with such a youthful orange glow and clean white teeth be so rich?"

Girl #2: "Don't trust him, girl. He's a total mangar!"
#pedophile #manther #suagr daddy #man #cougar #molester #r kelly
by Urban Webford January 10, 2008
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