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A verb and noun used to degrade and insult. Can be used in place of any word aimed at insulting a person. It is not restricted to a certain meaning.

Phonetic Pronunciation:
Man-fro-toe (Think like afro)
"Dude I totally Manfrottoed your mother last night!"
"You're such a Manfrotto!"
"Eww that smells like Manfrotto"
by muntfrotto May 05, 2009
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When a man tucks both testicles and entire scrotum into a woman's anus (reverse tea bag) during intercourse. This serves as a bungee of sorts and allows for faster re-insertion after the back-stroke.
I Manfrottoed Alissa Milano last night. She has the best sphincter control.
by Dr. Manfrotto October 22, 2009
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