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One of the hottest popstars out there. Sexy legs pretty face firm tits who needs cock in her 24/7.
Man I wish I was in Mandy Moore 24/7.
by Bookerplaya August 11, 2007
1) n. A girl with a young seeming, innocent looking and beautiful face, that urges you to come all over it, as a direct result of its beauty. Often characterized by pink lips, clear skin of any complexion, proportionally large eyes, and a roundish face devoid of angles.
2) v. To come all over a young seeming, innocent looking and beautiful face.
1. Her body was alright, but she had a real "Mandy Moore", and I've been saving it up, so we went to her place anyway.

2. He knew to look for the girls at the bar who were still getting carded. When he finally found Sarah, there was no doubt he was giving her the ol' "Mandy Moore" tonight, all over her face. He hoped she had bobby pins.
by V3lma September 04, 2009
The best pop musician out there
I love Mandy Moore.
by ~Luana~ November 30, 2003
Slang for a guy with an excessive amount of ball cheese.
See also ball cheese.
I really hate Chris, he's such a Mandy Moore.
by purpleheroin November 05, 2007
a singer who has one of the hottest boyfriends, Andy Roddick
hmmmm daiiimn Mandy, i wish i had your man.
by moi November 12, 2003