Mandla is a type of Udoli.

Udoli (u-do-lee) meaning doll or toy in the Zulu language is a modern tribal doll like style inspired by African and Caribbean culture.
Mandla: Mandla meaning powerful in the Zulu language is a style of Udoli that incorporates a lot of dark colors, such as maroon, onyx blue, dark purple and black. The make-up is a clean dark sultry look, where as the hair is not adorned with a lot of hair accessories like the other Udolies, Instead the Mandla Udoli wears one huge hair ornament vibrant in colour to contrast the dark style; for example a fire engine red, neon green or electric blue flower
by Udoli Queen July 01, 2010
Top Definition
Mandla |Mundlaa|(verb):

To fuck something up so badly there is absolutely no chance of recovery.

It's well known that this term originated in Johannesburg, South Africa in early 2013, however, where or who it was first coined coined it is still unknown. The word has achieved widespread usage across the country and can be heard in most high-pressure environments.
1. Dude, you fucking mandla'd the project so badly we lost the client.
2. Hey, dipshit! Did I ask for mayonnaise on this sandwich? Why'd you have to mandla my meal?
3. Man, I mandla'd your girlfriend so hard she'll never walk again.
4. Sorry I'm late, my car pulled a mandla - I had o walk
5. Dude, this website is so mandla. It stole my credit card details.
by Axions October 23, 2013
african name. personality: liar. seems nice. makes promises and then breaks them. seems better than they are.

other spellings: mandhla

always asked to spell the name
hi, im mandla
sorry WHAT?

mandla: your the only girl on my mind
(5 minutes later, dancing with another girl)
mandla: i wont leave you cos i love you
(a few weeks later, youre dumped)
by -Szexxy.Biiatch- May 04, 2009
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