Usually a Curvaceous Brunette with an Amazing Singing voice. Mandi's are incredibly Sexy however incredibly intelligent. She tends to obsess over things like Rock Bands and Celebrities. Mandi' is generally liked by everyone
Did you hear that Girl singing today?
she's so hot i bet her name is Mandi
by Vaneesa June June 18, 2010
Mandi is attractive and loving woman. This name means Love. She is for real.I am blessed man because I have her in my life and her heart is my home.When you say Mandi you are spoking about beautiful and True Love.She is the Woman that everyone has to be nice because if you won't be nice with her you only will hurt yourself.
by Mandi's Husband January 10, 2011
the name of a gorgeous, successful woman. This name means Worthy of Love. Some give Mandi a bad name but others life it up. Lots of people are jealous of the girls who are named Mandi so Mandi's usually get talked about. Don't hate me because you ain't me!
Envy me! ~Mandi
by blah3 August 25, 2008
Originated from the Greek word Mandimandioti.

v. To give someone a Mandis is to put a woman in a wheelbarrow, cover her with dirt and then fuck her.

*Please note that this does not work with guys because guys don't have fucking pussies!
Man 1: "What's wrong with your sister? She looks all dirty."
Man 2: "Oh that dude Mandissed her."
Man 1: "That's horrible!"
by The guy with the big DICtionar December 13, 2009
a female given name: from a Latin word meaning “beloved.”
derived from Amanda
Amanda, Mandi, Mandy, Mandie, Mindy
by Mandi M. June 14, 2008
The whiniest bitch you will ever meet. She will complain that all other girls are so fake and dont know what they are doing ever. But in reality, she is faker then pam andersons tits.
Oh shit, there goes mandi. Better leave before she sees us.

Mandi" I hate working!" Us"You just started 2 days ago..."
by kwowpop November 13, 2011
A young lady who may seem nice,however, dont let her disceve you; she is a backstabber and will spread roumors about you. she will steal your favorite sayings and make them her own. she'll insult you every chance she gets. Mandi is not to be trusted.
shes being such a mandi
by Fivefingerdeathpunchfreak April 17, 2012

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