informal, a salamander
Peter, did you see that 'mander chilling in the bog?
by aaaarrrr March 23, 2010
In verb form: to mander. To bother or annoy, usually in the form of hitting playfully or light-hearted verbal persecution; can, but does not have to be, coupled with repeatedly shouting the word "mander, mander!" at the object of ridicule.
We like to mander a boy in band by screaming "mander, mander!" at him.
by gerrymanderers association October 18, 2010
Mander - Large Land based Mammal of the species Incrediblyus Fatassus Chatterus.2ND definition A cooking grease known to come in a blue can used in most ethnic kitchens
"james, Fuck me in the ass." "Ok, lets rub some mander on your ass first."
by BushwickBill April 28, 2003
one who gives the worst blowjobs ever. Much like a meatgrinder.
man ashley is such a mander my dick felt like ground beef.
by commandoc March 04, 2009
(man dander) the flaky, white crust you find in the bed the morning after having sex.
Too lazy to change the sheets after sex, Justin woke up in his own mander.
by bkbroiler December 30, 2004
A sexually confused humanoid. A male trapped in a females body.A woman who pretends to be male to get a girlfriend. through internet based meeting areas Very annoying and whinging . Cant seem to let others get on with their own lives without trying to interfere in some way.....
Jaymee fox and mander sitting in a tree.....etc
by Dr Shipman March 29, 2004

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