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(a) One beautiful creature that you want to touch but are afraid if you do touch it that it wont touch you back and your heart will be broken.

(b) One of the prettiest girls you've ever seen or dreamed about. A girl that could change the entire world if she wanted to.
Dave: Woah Robb look its Mandasaur!
Robb: Wow shes so beautiful I want to tell her how I feel about her.
Dave: No! You cant, shes too good for you
Robb: *sigh*

Michelle: I wish I was popular...
Jen: I wish my hair was down to my butt...
Amber: I wish my parents would buy me a car...
Mandasaur: I wish you three would shut the fuck up....
Jen: *Sigh*
Amber: *Cuts Wrist*
Michelle: *Cries*
#manduh #amanda #manda-saur #amandasaur? #beauty
by Awoll May 27, 2011
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