Someone who loves polka-dots and is required to have one of every article of clothing polka-dotted.
"She wore a lot of polka-dot stuff."
"You mean Manda?"
by BabyGazelle December 15, 2014
tall tan person. often freindly with gingers.
'One time when I saw a manda she gave me 10 seconds of uninterupted eye contact. I liked it.'
by gubbagubba123 September 21, 2009
A combination of a man and a panda. A man by day, and a panda by night. Usually the husband of some chick named Alison. They have been known to cook meals for their wives only wearing an apron.
John: My tail is hard.
Alison: Um, tail?
John: Yes, my tail.
Alison: What the hell...
John: Well, I am a manda.
Alison: I thought you're name was John.
John: Not Amanda, a - manda.
Alison: Be my panda bitch?
John: Certainly.
by pandamonium July 18, 2007
a mix between a monkey and a panda
this is my manda named amanda
i know its a manda but whats its name
its name is amanda
by fig12345 January 08, 2008
A manda is commonly known as a synonym for "Fruit cake" or "fruit." Usually reffering to someone "Fruitie" or of homosexuality.
Fruit cake.
What a manda, holding hands with a ntoerh girl!
by fruitopie April 03, 2008
Manda is a term used to describe a type of person.

These people are usually dim young white girls who believe that having a kid at the age of 14-17 is a career choice as the goverment will pay for the upkeep for the rest of their damn lives.
(jim)That girl at the back of the bus is a right Manda...
(andre)which one?
(jim)the one with 6 the kids
(andre) HaHa...Oi Manda crash us a fag!
by Jim Wells August 14, 2006
A fat whore...usually one who smells very unfair and whos stench could knock down the mightiest of redwoods.
I can smell a manda coming down the road....*BOOM BOOM BOOM CRASH*....YOU HEAR THAT!?!?!
by smileyoufuckers February 10, 2006
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