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To sack up, or what to say before someone is about to do something gnarly.
Did you see the manballs on that surfing that massive wave?
by Method411 September 13, 2007
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Manball. Originated from Manchester in 2009. A cross between netball, rugby and extreme violent wrestling. Great fun, but not for those unwilling to earn man points. Played with a large scale tennis ball on a 10 metre long pitch.
'dude. i'm tired.'

by the beast from the west July 02, 2009
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A sport resembling Basketball where the only methods of scoring include 3 pointers, dunks, and alley oops.
Thats how you play fucking man ball Billups!!!

(after draining a game winning three)

Lebron James only plays man ball in the first quarter.
by raikenxy February 28, 2011
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Any questionable or non-ambitious man on ball contact
"Manball huh? That's gay." If this quote is warranted, the manball slur is just.
by chokeonit September 11, 2007
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The game (thats very popular at power chord academy boston 08) that consists of 2 or more players to sit on the ground, 7 ft apart. They must spread their legs. Then they must take off a shoe or get a lacrosse ball or something, and throw it the other person's testicles/balls/dick/nuts. They must go back and forth trying to hit the others nuts. If the person being thrown at flinches, the other person gets a turn. They go back and forth till somebody forfeits/can't take anymore pain.
Josh: "My balls fucking kill."
Jack: "Yeah I know. That was an intense game of manball yesturday."
by Andrew Waterhouse November 06, 2008
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Type of football that makes your testicles grow just by watching. The ground n pound run down yo throat till you bleed football.

If you feel the urge to punch infants and drink bleach with a bowl full of rusty nails, you just watched Manball.

If you suddenly feel like yelling your lungs out and doing max reps at the gym 10x over, you just watched Manball.
"Hey man wanna watch the Alabama vs Stanford game?"

"Nah man, that's boring all they do is run..."

by K0T December 08, 2012
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In the fourth quarter of your football game, with a 1:17 to go, and you're up by 2. The balls on their 40 yard line. It's fourth down. You go for the field goal. That is manball.

Manball is always being played. Go hard, and make no exceptions.
One day I was in my brother's room and trying to eat an orange with one hand. I couldn't peal the slices so I ate the second half in one go. While my mouth was stuffed he started laughing at me. Muffled, I said to him, "Manball," and he replied exhuberently, "YES!" It was manball.
by manballer May 14, 2006
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