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an all around incredible person, most commonly used to describe NHL star Brendan Shanahan
Shanahan is the manahan
by OLG February 06, 2009
8 0
the highest compliment one can give a surgeon
Dude, that was an awesome case. That was so manahan.
by Lebron February 19, 2005
7 3
a style of anterior chamber lens implant.
My doc's a real good son of a bitch...hmhmyeah, I got one of them Manahans, and a new pupil too!
by ophthodoc February 25, 2005
2 1
a surgical blunder.

2. man who could easily double as a Geisha girl.
yo, nigga, you broke dat PC...... that's so manahan!

2. Me so hawny....sucky sucky.....five dolla.....Manahan....hehehehehehehe
by ophthodoc February 25, 2005
4 10